sDAOs follow a template for legally compliant DAOs that can buy & sell real world assets like land & IP

sDAOs: Bring Real Assets ‘On-Chain’

We want DAOs to be able to buy Real Estate, Intellectual Property, and Art (not just have ‘governance’ rights over them). We have created an actionable, legally compliant template for using DAOs to buy real assets. Our sDAO template is a unique approach that can scale faster and be more impactful in merging the crypto and physical worlds.

How sDAOs Work: Real Assets, Compliance First

There are many important details, but, at a high level, the following is our approach:

1 - When we set up DAOs, participants must be US natural people & accredited investors who are also qualified purchasers. We do KYC on all DAO members.

2 - No DAO shares can be transferred for one year after the closing date of the DAO (i.e., the date on which accepted subscribers are admitted to the DAO). When shares are transfered new holders need to go through certain KYC steps with the DAO manager to be able to vote, recieve any disbursements, etc.

3 - DAO members vote / control a wide range of decisions the DAO makes, including: what assets are bought and sold, who the managing ‘member’ is, etc. The manager of the DAO (which implements the real world activities of the DAO) is initially the Slow DAO Hard Asset Manager, LLC but can be replaced by a vote.

4 - There cannot be more than 499 DAO members in Slow DAOs. Only 499 non- divisible tokens will be issued.

This is how to get started with real DAOs and putting real assets ‘on chain’ in a way that honors current compliance / regulation frameworks and we are excited to start this movement.

Learn More and Join an sDAO

If you are a US citizen & accredited investor who is also a qualified purchaser, you are welcome to get involved in our first sDAO ((the Montana Land sDAO)[]). If you are not a qualified purchaser but are generally interested, please sign up below and we will invite you to our general information discord.

Who is doing this work?

Slow DAO Hard Asset Manager, LLC is creating this template and running the first sDAOs. Our hope is that others in time do the same. The SDHAM was an idea born out of Slow Ventures an early-stage focused Venture Capital firm based out of San Francisco and Boston. Slow Ventures has been deeply invested in the crypto ecosystem for years. Seeding crypto projects like Solana, Klaytn, Chia, Aleo, Algorand, Ampleforth, Lightning Labs, Fold Wallet, River, And Many More.

SDHAM is being managed by Sam Lessin, Clay Robbins, and Caroline Cline

Why Do This? DAOs are the Future of Capital Formation & Labor Coordination

We strongly believe that the era of the c-corp is coming to an end. It served its purpose valiantly, but in a world of global, nearly instant access to talent and capital formation, we are all-in on DAOs as a way to move beyond the c-corp of the 20th century; they are one of the most important use cases for crypto that is ‘ready to happen now.’ We are psyched to see more and more innovation in this space. More on the thesis.

Note: All sDAOs are Reg D, Rule 506c offerings commensurate with US Securities law.